Paul Rudd Information Professional

expertise gained through experience

Areas of Interest

I have a specific interest in the following:

  • All aspects connected with digital resources , which includes collection management of these types of resources, digital preservation, institutional repositories. and digitisation projects
  • Library and information services within HE institutions, their roles, the services they offer, how they function and how they are managed
  • Marketing (specifically how marketing can be used in the context of library and information services)
  • Cloud computing (particularly aspects connected with running instances of software such as Moodle, Koha and Dspace in the cloud.)
  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), such as Udacity, Coursera, and MIT and Harvard‚Äôs edX
  • Learning development and aspects connected with running learning development units (or departments that are involved with learning development activities)
  • Learning and teaching technologies such as eportfolio software and VLEs
  • Web development using content management systems, most notably Drupal and WordPress
  • Library/information service architecture and design projects
  • Communication within library and information services. The types of methods and technologies that staff use to communicate¬† with their colleagues within the service, and how they communicate information to the institution/university as a whole.
  • Enterprise software (particularly how this level of software offers solutions for the education sector and for businesses)