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University of Surrey’s New Library and Learning Centre

University of Surrey’s new Library and Learning Centre

Library and Learning Centre

The new University of Surrey’s Library and Learning Centre was completed recently and is one of the most impressive HE library projects to be undertaken in the UK in recent years.

Viewing the photographs, leaflets and guides on the library together with standing outside the building you cannot fully appreciate the LLC project and how well executed it is.

This can only be fully realised when you literally have to walk into the building and enter into its various zones and its diverse types of study spaces. Only then can you fully understand this building’s appeal. Even more importantly, you can easily imagine yourself reading and spending time in these spaces. You can also appreciate how each of these spaces has the ability to aid the learning experience of each of the library’s client groups.

To understand how the new extension manages to be so impressive you have to consider each of its elements. From aspects of its construction – to details such as the inclusion of desktop power points on every desk – through to the different types of lighting in each zone and each room. It is the combination of all of its elements that makes it work so well.