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Regent’s College Library Visit

I was fortunate to recently visit the Regent’s College in London in March and June this year and this is a brief overview of their library service.

Regents college is in the heart of London and consists of the following schools:

  • European Business School London
  • Regent’s Business School London
  • Regent’s American College
  • Webster Graduate School
  • London School of Film Media and Performance
  • School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology
  • Internexus English Language School

Technologies and services used

Blackboard (Originally Regent’s College used Moodle)
Bloomberg and Datastream financial services
Citrix (The Citrix portal is used to gain access to electronic resources from an external location)
Heritage LMS

The library at Regent’s College is named the Tate Library and although the library is relatively small it offers students some nice work spaces. Student’s also benefit from a serious of rooms scattered around the building the houses the library, which also includes a ICT section. In addition, laptops the college has many photocopiers and also a laptop loan service using Windows based machines.

The Heritage system in use enables students to log into their account search for items and also renew loaned items. Having used the same system for many years I know that it a very robust LMS and certainly a solid choice for the Tate library.

Other aspects to note

  • Regent’s College has many partnership agreements with a vast range of institutions around the world.
  • The college can and is used as a conference centre and is in a great central location for events.
  • The college has a significant social media presence and uses Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
  • The college was recently given taught degree awarding powers and is set to increase its student numbers