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DeepDyve Review

As I am often searching for research articles I keep coming across DeepDyve and it appears to be a really interesting and useful service.

So what exactly is DeepDyve?

It is advertised as the largest online rental service for scientific, technical and medical research.

Why would you want to use the service

You want to use a service like this if you need access to high quality research output for any reason. You would also want to use this service if you are a Librarian or information professional at any company or institution. Most particularly if you work in a place where you do not subscribe to many journals. As we all know journal subscriptions come at a high price which can be more difficult to afford for small scale services.

Who can use the service

The service can be used by individuals or organisations and institutions. They offer a variety of different plans for different users as below:

  • Group Plans – for businesses and organisations
  • Freelancer Plan
  • Professional Plan

Further information coming soon…